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Dr. Durrani Cases

The Deters Law Firm represents over 450 former patients of Dr. Atiq Abubakar Durrani against Dr. Durrani and the following hospitals: Children’s Hospital, West Chester, UC Health, Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan, Deaconess, Riverside and Journey Lite. We have also filed lawsuits against Medtronics for BMP-2 and Alphatech Spine for PureGen. We are still accepting cases. Please contact me at or 859.363.1900, 513.729.1999 or 859.250.2527 (my cell phone) also feel free to text me.

Eric Deters
Durrani Case Manager

Dr. Durrani Information

If you believe you have a case or information as a witness against Dr. Durrani, please email,or call us at, 859-250-2527 (Cell) ,859-363-1900 (office) or 513-729-1999.

Deters Law Firm

Eric C. Deters
Office Manager
Trial Consultant
Marketing Director
Media Relations
Firm Spokesperson

Chuck Holbrook (Investigator)
Kim Moore (Nurse)
Ginger Dietrich (Nurse)
Amy Plewke (Nurse)
Maria Dallas (Office Administrator)
Loretta Little (Legal Secretary)
Cheryl Jones (Legal Secretary)
Michelle Evans (Medical Records)
Sarah York (Paralegal)
Doug Hunter (Workers Comp Paralegal)
Mona Eldridge (Personal Injury Paralegal)
Kelly Gose (Personal Injury Paralegal)
Alexa Kavanaugh (Paralegal)
Kelly Matt (Paralegal)

Charles H. Deters (Ohio, KY)
Mark C. Eppley (Ohio, KY)
Stephanie L. Collins (Ohio, KY)
Erin G. Rosen (Ohio)

Law School Graduates Awaiting Bar Results
Christopher J. McCaughey
Erica C. Deters
Cooper Bowen
Elizabeth Dalton
Deron Eckert
Nick Chaney

Although Eric Deters retired as a practicing attorney, he assists the lawyers in the firm.  This includes:

  1. Interviewing clients.
  2. Referring clients to lawyers based upon the type of case.
  3. Investigating facts.
  4. Researching legal issues.
  5. Drafting documents for lawyers.
  6. Assisting lawyers at depositions.
  7. Assisting lawyers at trial.
  8. Reading and summarizing depositions and other documents.
  9. Taking witness statements.
  10. Handling press/media on cases.

Eric Deters




5247 Madison Pike Independence KY 41051

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Phone: (513) 729-1999

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Other information

Other information:
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Born August 6, 1963 in Covington, Kentucky. Eric C. Deters is a prominent attorney and radio talk show host. Eric’s father, Charles H. Deters, is also a prominent lawyer and businessman who was senior partner in the largest law firm in Northern Kentucky before retiring in 2010. Childhood Eric grew up on a 1000 acre horse and cattle farm in Northern Kentucky which lies across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. He’s the middle child of eleven children. He began working on the farm at age eight. He worked on the farm as his job until he was nineteen. Even at forty-nine, Eric still helps put in hay. Education In 1979, at age fifteen, Eric graduated from the only accelerated liberal arts high school in the country, Covington Latin High School. In 1983, at age nineteen, Eric graduated from Thomas More College with degrees in History and Business. In 1986,at age twenty-one, Eric graduated from Salmon P. Chase Law School. Upon passing the Kentucky Bar in 1986, he became the youngest lawyer in the state of Kentucky. Eric also became licensed in Ohio (1987) and Florida (1988).

Family Eric and his wife, Mary, have six children: Cory, Erica, Charlie Ann, Cameron,Cole and Parker. Cory died in a car accident on August 14, 2010. Law Eric is a licensed and practicing lawyer in Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida. However, Eric has handled cases in over half the states in the country through special permission. Eric’s legal profile on the national law website has been on at least one occasion the #1 viewed lawyer profile in the country out of the 1.4 million lawyers in America. In 2010, the 25,000 readers of Cincinnati’s City Beat magazine who voted, chose Eric as the #1 lawyer in Cincinnati. Eric’s law office website contains extensive information and law blogs. He also produced over fifty videos covering fifty various areas of the law which the public can view for free. The Cincinnati Enquirer dubbed Eric “The Courtroom Bulldog” after he led a successful legal battle over the location of a jail. The Bulldog name stuck. The Kentucky Trial Court Review reports Eric has tried more Plaintiff’s cases than any other lawyer in the state of Kentucky the last ten years. Eric’s law firm, Eric C. Deters & Partners, P.S.C., now has eighteen lawyers and is easily the fastest growing law firm in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area. National Cases Eric’s cases which have brought national media attention include the teacher sex allegation cases in 2010 of Nicole Howell who won an acquittal by jury and the 2012 case of Sarah Jones, the Captain of the NFL Cincinnati Bengal Cheerleaders, the Ben-Gals. The Nicole Howell case was featured on Bill O’Reilly and other national news networks. It is also the focus of a Lifetime story. The Sarah Jones story was covered by the Today Show, Good Morning America and other national media. Eric also represented Sarah Brady, the pregnant mother who fought off and killed a mentally disturbed woman who attempted to stab her to death and extract her baby from her womb. Not only did this bizarre story make national news and is featured on Snapped. It also is a book Saving Grace written by Eric Deters and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Eric Deters also successfully fought back against the Kentucky Bar Association who suspended his law license for several months in 2012. He was able to change several important laws pertaining to lawyer discipline. Law Practice Eric has one of the most unique law practices in the country because of the diversity of cases he handles. He represents individuals in personal injury, medical malpractice, class action, employment discrimination, criminal cases, civil rights, police and jailer misconduct and nearly every conceivable type of litigation. Read more at

Radio Eric aka “The Bulldog” is also the morning drive talk show host voice of Realtalk 1160 in Cincinnati. His time slot is 7-9 AM, Monday through Friday. He is the lead-in to Laura Ingraham, followed by Michael Savage, Michael Huckabee and then afternoon drive sports with “Wildman” Walker. Eric’s podcasts are available at Eric is famous for broadcasting what he proclaims is “radio superbity.” Eric references his listeners as “The American Jury” and his fans call themselves “Bulldog Nation.” Eric demands his callers say something “witty and wise.” Eric’s views are conservative and libertarian. He maintains America was founded on the Three Pillars: God, Constitution, and Capitalism. He’s famous for his passionate rants on what is wrong and what the solutions are. Eric began his radio career as a substitute host on Cincinnati’s largest radio station, the 55,000 watts 700 WLW. He also hosted a regular weekend show on 700 WLW and worked as a legal analyst for the other talk show hosts. At 700 WLW, the Bulldog also backed up Bill Cunningham from noon to three Monday through Friday. Bill is the stations #1 host and actually beats Rush Limbaugh in ratings in Cincinnati. Bill also has won two Marconis, hosts the Sunday night Drudge Report syndicated to 400 stations and now hosts a national television show: The Bill Cunningham Show. Politics In 1988, Eric became the Kenton County Kentucky Republican Chairman and in 1989, the Kentucky Fourth Congressional District Chairman. He also served on the Kentucky State Republican Central Committee. Eric managed numerous local and statewide campaigns. In 1988, Eric served as Chairman of the George H.W. Bush campaign in Northern Kentucky. Eric is now a registered independent voter. Business Eric is also a businessman. He owns with his father, Charles H. Deters, The Deters Company. The Deters Company owns commercial real estate, a chain of Wendy’s franchises, a chain of Blue Pantry convenience stores and the seventy-five store pizza chain, Snappy Tomato Pizza. Community Eric has helped raise money and has supported with his time countless charitable causes. Often times he serves as an emcee for an event. He helped raise money for the Disabled American Veterans by participating in an actual MMA fight against a police officer. Eric also performs standup comedy. His act has sold out the Funnybone Comedy Club in Cincinnati. Author Seven days a week, Eric writes a blog which is published on the Realtalk 1160 website,,, Eric’s social network sites and is sent as a newsletter to Eric’s massive email list containing clients, friends, and fans. Eric writes two weekly columns. One about politics and life for the Highland County Press and one regarding law for The Journal News. Eric has written and published three books: Willie: Radio’s Great American, Bull Cunningham’s Biography; Saving Grace, a story about the attempted murder and extraction of a baby from a pregnant woman (Eric’s client and the book appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show), and Pioneer Spirit, the incredible 1980-1981 true story of a gas explosion at a Kentucky high school which killed a talented art student, but did not stop its boys basketball team from winning the state championship that year.
Graduated:Covington Latin School - 1979
Thomas More College - 1983
BA History
AA Business Administration
Chase College of Law - 1986
Admissions:Kentucky #81812
Ohio #38050
Florida #746878
Eastern District of Kentucky
Western District of Kentucky
Eastern District of Kentucky
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Member:Northern Kentucky Bar Association
Cincinnati Bar Association
kentucky Bar Association
Ohio Bar Association
Florida Bar Association
Kentucky justice League
National Rifle Association
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
National Rifle Association
Distinctions:Voted Best Lawyer in Cincinnati (2010)
Northern Kentucky Bulldogs - Semi-Pro Football Team
Football League Title Sponsor City Beat Best Of